Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Where Did those Seagulls Come From?

I was just meditating and noticed that my brain was tremendously chatty today! I already had breakfast and that might be why. I decided to attend to my five senses, and then memory, emotions (mine were VERY GOOD!), general awareness of what's going on, memory again, and something new, the chatterbox. I called it "this." It's the thing that makes the thoughts. I attended to it like a cat watching a mouse hole, waiting to see what would come next. I waited patiently and it was calm and silent.  At last, I was meditating as I wanted to!  And then there were seagulls. I think they were on sand, or drawn on sand. Then my 15 minutes were up; the alarm on my phone was going off. I'm pretty sure I had started dreaming.  I'm excited to get back to watching that mouse hole tomorrow morning.

Meditate.  Just do it.  If you get seagulls and you can figure out why, please let me know!

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