Monday, June 24, 2019

Here's a Hopeful Prediction

In fact, I plan to be instrumental in bringing this about. I'm David, so I take after that guy in the Bible who recognized that thin strip of bone right between Goliath's eyes.  That's where cryptocurrency lives, along with voluntaryism, anarchism, agorism, and freedom in general.  You might be wondering who this Goliath is.  Well, it's you, or, to use the popular euphemism, it's "We, the people."

Democracy is an arrangement where you get to play the victim as long as you're in the minority, and you're justified in playing the victim.  Obviously, the minority is the group who voted whatever way lost. That's not so bad as long as people still respect you and act decently, but we have legislation.  The laws, democratic folks say, must be enforced.  Yes, republicans say that too.  Statists say it.  Loads of people say it, and they believe it, and I don't think they really thought it out very well.

You might vote against the guy who gets a law passed that you're not allowed to X because you worried he would make X illegal.  Once he gets that law passed, if you are a grown up and take responsibility for yourself and recognize that what legislators do is wrong, you'd probably just ignore his law and do X anyway. Then you might get caught, put in a cage, robbed - oops, the proper euphemism is fined - and most people will approve.  It's not everyone who can make up rules and then fine people or put them in cages for breaking the rules.  You have to get elected first.  That is the horror of democracy: someone else gets to violate you because they're popular.  Yes, I know I'm shitting on something we were all taught is so god damn precious.  But taught is not the right word. The right word is brainwashed. Let's go through the story again, and this time, I'll remove all the cues that trigger the brainwashing.

You might prefer not to be in a cult whose leader really wants you to be in his cult.  He might demand that you behave a certain way, and you'll just laugh at him.  Other cult members may then take you to a room where they put on a mock trial and convict you of being a bad person, and then engineer some identify theft to make your bank think you've authorized a payment to them for your transgressions.  They might keep you locked in that room for a long time.  It's not everyone who can get a bunch of people to cooperate in stealing from you or locking you up.  You have to be really charismatic.  This is the horror of a cult: there are often enough people in it to overpower any individual who sees the problems with what they are doing in the world.

No prediction so far, sorry. Here it is:  This horrible system will fall apart because when people do things that are actually bad, like kidnap, kill, and steal, the spying tech that our oppressors love so much will be used by private individuals to do something about it, and what they do won't be horrible violence! We won't need to cage people or fine them.  They (most of them) will quickly want to make things right because too many people will refuse to serve them, allow them in their places of business, or even sell them anything until they show some effort to undo the harm they did.  The few who refuse will end up dead at the hands of some able citizen who learned self-defense, maybe you or me!

The biggest criminals are not wanted by the law.  They are the law.  They perpetrate the most insidious crime because they have layers and layers of abstraction they use to make people think that their crime is good for society.  Thanks to WeAreChange, I found out that mayor Tony Reasoner. and vice mayor McCaw Johnson of Ridgetop, Tennessee are two of these guys.  The good guy in this case was also a member of the law enforcement system there, Police Chief Bryan Morris.  All he did was point out that the mayor's office was demanding ticket quotas, which is illegal.  This bubbles up from all the fine victims in Ridgeport who give the ticketing officers a hard time about fulfilling quotas.  How long will it take the mayor's office to make things right?  Or are they going to let Ridgetop stand out there as a shining example of the waste that police departments really are? I'm happy either way.

This kind of thing will grow.  We will learn how to simply state the facts, which will be very ugly facts, about people who wield power, and those people will back away from wielding it so destructively.  Without the biggest criminal gangs in force any more (eventually), smaller criminals will come out and do a little more crime, but their pool of victims will shrink fast as people learn to leverage technology (crowd-sourced emergency-handling apps like Cell 411 for example) to protect themselves, and gun ownership and self-defense capabilities continue to grow.  That reminds me, my family is due for some firearms training!

We will handle crimes of all sorts (yes, SJWs, even income disparities and the use of racial, sexual, and discriminatory slurs, fat-shaming, and even just stating some obvious truth to a person so angry that they can't think straight, don't worry) without stealing money (aka taxation) or stealing money (aka fines), or kidnapping (aka prison), or any kind of behavior that is really immoral.  For example, the guy pictured here,
probably along with at least one other person, stole $40,000 from me a long time ago.  There are many people who look like him, and most of them are NOT him, but one of them is (I think in California or Nevada), and if you happen to talk to any of them and feel like he might be a thief, just let him know that he looks just like a thief you read a tiny bit about in this blog. If he's the guy, maybe he'll think about going legit.  He has called himself Manny and Sergio and probably a few other names.  He likes to get people to think they can buy something valuable with a lot of cash and then damage their vehicle (slashed my tire) so they have to stop somewhere, and then rob them while they are stopped.  I think he's pissed off at the USA for screwing with his country (somewhere south of the border, Guatemala, San Salvador, Nicaragua ...?).  I wrote a whole newsletter about him.

But he is not a politician, so he's small potatoes.  People don't think that when someone hurts someone else on his behalf, it's good.  If he makes a demand of you and you defy him, people won't be angry with you, they will cheer you on.  The masses are not in the thrall of this man, and he doesn't have an organization backing up his violence toward others with 20 trillion dollars worth of borrowing power and millions of employees.  The evil of this world has worked its way into him and he will probably die before it leaves him. If there was more I could do that had a decent chance of offering him redemption, I would do it.  He stole a piece of my heart with that money.  It's just that I have what I think is a pretty good understanding of how a person turns into a dirtbag, and it's hard to blame them.  It's easier to blame politicians and other people who derive pleasure from controlling others. I think it's a lot wiser too.

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