Friday, June 29, 2018

As A Corrections Officer...

Dear former or current CO,

The webmaster for (that's me) is looking for people willing to consider that perhaps, all human interaction should be voluntary.  Many people who call themselves "voluntaryists" have gotten together in an Internet chat group and decided to offer prisoners a correspondence course in philosophy with the aim of reducing the damage that prison does to both prisoners and those employed to care for them.

We believe that Corrections Officers will benefit from an understanding of voluntaryism and that many prisoners may be able to interest COs in it through kindness and reading material.  However, we don't feel that we know enough people who are or have been in your position to know what kind of material might help.

We have discovered a book called "Newjack" by Ted Conover that might interest you or someone you know.  Either way, if you feel you may have some insight that would help us in our effort, please reply, either to the address from which this letter came, or via email to webmaster [at]