Friday, April 7, 2017

Awesome People Interview Me

I recently discovered that I underestimate the value of my voice.  The discovery came from two sources, Landmark Worldwide, which used to be Erhard Seminars Training, and Future Money Trends which interviewed me a few times and inspired others to interview me.  I would like to maintain a list of these interviews, so I'm making this post.  Please enjoy!

Wealth Research Group 3/29/17
Crush The Street (with Tone Vays and Trace Mayer) 4/19/17
Declare Your Independence 4/29/17 (scroll to Hour 3)
Declare Your Independence 1/25/18 (on Vimeo)
Declare Yout Independence 8/9/19 (scroll to Hour 3)
58 Dave Scotese talks the benefits of Bitcoin 8/3/2020
Crypto & Consciousness Q&A 1/1/2021
Voluntaryist 233 6/23/2021
Talks with Freedom Fighters 4/28/2023

I have also been enticed into writing by my friend Ernest Dempsey who asks me questions.  Here is a collection of such written correspondence (it will grow over time):
Rage Against Monument Destruction

As you may have noticed, I like having my brain picked, especially in public, so if you have questions, feel free to reply here.  If you ask a question in the comments on Youtube, I might not get around to answering you because the volume of comments on YT often makes finding the questions difficult.