Wednesday, June 26, 2019


Thank you, Carl Watner, owner of, for all the opportunity you've given me.  You're the one who taught me how to spell the title of this post.  I chose it because I didn't feel like deciding what to write, so I identified a few short draft emails that I've written over the past years that I can share.  And since I'm on gratitude...

Thank you, Telegram App developers, and members of the groups I'm in.  You have encouraged me and enlightened me.  Before I decided this post would be filled with "potpourri," I planned to read through the channels on there for inspiration.  That is what prompted Here's a Hopeful Prediction.

Untitled Poem:
Coercive imposition of public education
Kills differentiation all across the nation.
Rampant legislation encouraged by taxation
Produces the destruction of healthy competition.
Insubordination represents my obligation
To fight indoctrination, enslavement and castration.

I'll Be Honest With You: I'm Gonna Lie
Trust me, you can't trust what other people tell you if you want to succeed.  Authorities release information every day about the worst kinds of deception.  You can rely on them to guide you through the complicated maze of claims made by your friends, financial advisors, lawyers, bosses, teachers, cops, and even your own research.  Don't trust your own conclusions, but instead, always run them by an authority to see if they will help maintain the status quo.

Just turn on CNN, CNBC, or MSNBC to find the latest helpful tips from your senator or representative.  If someone disagrees with someone else, don't bother thinking about it.  Instead, wait and see what the TV tells you.  Our personal capacity to reason things out has been severely damaged by school, and there is no recovering from that, so lay down your concerns and trust the mainstream media.

Some Welfare For You
If you really feel that welfare is a good idea, I have a plan.  Find one other person who agrees with you.  I will force you to give them $10, and I'll force them to give you $10. This way, both of you will have an extra $10, and from that, you can each pay me $2 for my service.

My Pledge of Allegiance
I pledge allegiance to my wife and to the children for whom she's "mom," one family lovingly stuck to Earth under a blanket of oxygen for animals, CO2 for plants, and a self-regulating cycle of resources for all.

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