Sunday, June 2, 2019

Creating Habitual Blogging

I recently heard Brett Veinotte interview Isaac Morehouse, the guy who created Praxis.  They discussed an idea I considered, which was to commit to publishing a blog post every day for 30 days.  That's what I'm doing, but I wanted to share some thoughts on it.

As soon as I heard it, I thought about how it might benefit me and also that I may already have those benefits, so perhaps it isn't worth committing.  Later in their conversation, Isaac pointed out that he is currently publishing a daily blog post.  They discussed the effects of the commitment.  It will take some discipline.  It will take some tolerance for... well, crap.  Who can produce quality writing every day for thirty days in a row?  Perhaps I can, but if not, do I break a commitment or tolerate my crappy writing?  Let's see!

There is a safety net, which is that I can go back and edit whenever I want to.  I could even delete a post, but I doubt I'd do that.  Enough about me!  What, of my thinking, might benefit you?  I will do my best to respect my audience by trying to stick with answers to that question.

Before I started writing this one, I had planned to write a newsletter for my Bitcoin Dealer list in which I would publish my commitment.  I now see that as another reason not to just start.  Think of "reasons not to just start" as a VERY popular source of procrastination. I searched for "reasons not to just start" and Google returned four hits which were about: drinking, watching "The West Wing," meditating, and a strategy in playing "Magic: the Gathering."  I guess no one else that Google indexes has identified this engine of procrastination, or else there's a better way to say it.  Procrastinating?  Just start.  Tolerate crap.  Have some discipline.  You'll get better at it.

It's Sunday, so I met up with some friends at a coffee shop. It's the "Temecula Valley Voluntaryists" Coffee Shop meetup that happens almost every Sunday. Another guy named Dave was there and he suggested I'm a perfectionist because I referred to the tolerance of crap that I mentioned earlier.  I agree.  My audience is small.  If you aren't enjoying this entry, you'll move on, especially if you're as intelligent as I'd like my audience to be.  So I can assume you're enjoying my writing since you're still reading.

This might be entertaining: I wrote the paragraph below this one about ten minutes ago and then added more.  I think I was being honest, but before publishing, I felt it was too short.  So I sought and found some more to say that would alleviate my perfectionism.  Thanks Dave!

That's about all I'm interested in writing of my own thoughts, but if you want views from others who also see value in it, here's a website dedicated to the idea.

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