Thursday, June 6, 2019

My Rules

If I start writing a blog post before the day on which I publish it, I don't consider that to be cheating.  If I finish writing it and don't publish it until some day in the future, that's not cheating either.  I started this one right after I published Where Did those Seagulls Come From?

I started writing about being in a machine instead of a human body and then decided I would make it a book.  I've written three chapters of it.  In the notes I made for myself about it, I call those machines that are used by people whose bodies have stopped working "manufactured people."  Here's something I found in those notes that might interest you:

Some humans would aspire to the apparent immortality of someone who gets brought back every time they die, and society would be a mix of biological humans and manufactured people, dealing with the same issues we deal with today.

I love writing.  I'm in a Toastmasters club and we had our club picnic last Saturday, the day before I started my daily blogging.  Kem Murray, one of the most accomplished club members, mentioned that Toastmasters offers people the opportunity to become professional public speakers, but that's really only for people who are energized by and enjoy being in front of audiences and talking to them.  It daunts me, that idea.  It doesn't daunt me at all to imagine that I'm writing something that millions of people will read.

Another highly accomplished member, Ed Ettinghausen (who happens to hold  the world record for the most 100 mile races run) encourages everyone to get out of their comfort zone and commit to doing something difficult.  Sometimes I view becoming a public speaker as a possible way for me to do that.  It's good to escape your comfort zone.  Perhaps I will do that some day, but I haven't been sharing my writing as widely as I could be.  Some friends have specifically told me that what I write in Telegram groups is valuable.

Most of the people with whom I shared my idea for a book, and what happens in those first three chapters, seem interested in it, and I am filtering for them just being nice to someone because it's a friend.  What I detect is actually a desire to see me keep writing so they can know more about the story.

My whim is to write, but I will continue as a Toastmaster. I was just elected Treasurer for my club, after all, and I really like the other members. If you haven't noticed from my past few posts, I'm kind of throwing stuff on the wall to see what sticks. It's never too late for you to help me with comments, and some day, I expect you'll be able to make some money at it if you're good. 

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