Friday, June 14, 2019

The Kind of Input I Seek.

Hi Dave,

I'm pretending not to be you but instead, a friend who saw you pimp your blog and mention that you're looking for input.  I wanted to know what kind of input you were looking for.  I'm pretending to be a friend who is a lot less concerned about grammer, (and spelling), so I might dangle a few prepositions.

First off, I kind of like the colors in your blog but they don't make me feel like reading.  Or, maybe: I don't really like the colors in your blog, but they do make me feel like reading.  Actually, since you're really me, I should mention that you (I... oh, Hell.) WE don't really care about the colors except that we want everyone to be comfortable reading the blog.

I read one of the entries and it was confusing.  Or, maybe: You're really good at explaining complicated things!  Normally, I wouldn't say that because compliments don't really offer you any plan of action for improvement.  However, I listened to Tim Ferriss interviewing Ramit Sethi while driving around today and they discussed the fact that positive input does have strong and good effects.  It's just that I'm you, so I doubt compliments will go over very well in this pretense of input.

I read a really short one and I liked that it was short.  Do you have some rule about your challenge that precludes publishing blogs as short as Where Did Those Seagulls Come From? And thanks for dangling that preposition in the title because that makes me feel a little better about the ones I'm sloppy with.  If I shared one of your posts, I'm pretty sure a lot more people would check it out if you added images (at least one) to each post.

I'm feeling pretty duplicitous right now, and I don't like that, so I'm going to stop pretending and just tell you some of the things I thought about when a friend asked what kind of input I seek.  If you like a particular post I wrote and find an image that would go well with it, you could let me know.  If you have a site to which you'd like to direct people, I might just add the image and then make it into a link that goes to that site.  I will also credit you for finding the image unless you let me know that you'd prefer to remain anonymous.

What is my goal?  I'd like to spread the ideas that underlie voluntaryism.  I'd like to see more curiosity, creativity, courage, and redemption.  I'd like to embark on a cooperative journey toward truth with as many people as I can.  I want to find a small group of words that inspire others to join me in pursuing these goals.  Knowing what I want, and reading what I've written, do you have any advice?  Have you noticed anything that attracts or repels you, or which advances or retards the goals I listed?  Oh yeah, it would also be really cool if this 30-day challenge ended up making a lot of people interested in reading the book I'm writing.

I proposed several topics about which I would like to write.  Another valuable kind of input you could offer me is a selection of some of those items, or add your own.  If you feel like it, you could also describe why you chose those items or whether they seem like they may apply to your life somehow.

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