Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Bitcoin Dealer Archive (COMPLETE)

First off, you may be here because you've already been to some place on the Internet where you found someone (me!) with whom to trade bitcoin.  You might not know of the other places where I have ads letting people know that I can buy or sell bitcoin.  I can also buy or sell Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, and EOS.  I have ads on the following platforms:
Mailchimp provides an archive of my newsletters (sign up here), but it only has the most recent twenty posts.  Below is a usually-complete list for those who would like to start at the beginning, as I recommend.  The latest few newsletters might not be here yet, but that second link to the latest twenty has them.

CANARY: As of 6/1 11:41am (Pacific Time), I am not legally obligated to report anything to any state or to the federal government.  If you'd like this updated, please let me know.  Until it gets updated, once you ask, it's safest to assume that my inaction means THEY HAVE COERCED ME.  I'll update it ASAP once you ask.

CAVEAT: There is no way to alter the content of these newsletters (aside from violating Mailchimp's ToS, which I'm not willing to do and don't know how to do anyway), so be aware that some of what they say is out of date.  For example, "Newsletter Meetup" mentions a meetup that no longer exists.

  1. Newsletter Intro
  2. Newsletter LongCon
  3. Newsletter ScammerID
  4. Newsletter ScammerSampling
  5. Newsletter IRS
  6. Newsletter IDs
  7. Newsletter Receipts
  8. Newsletter Anti-Fiat
  9. Newsletter Cash
  10. Newsletter Meetup
  11. Newsletter NSA Letter
  12. Newsletter Palmdale
  13. Newsletter Start Dealing
  14. Newsletter Nicaragua
  15. Newsletter Bounties
  16. Newsletter Holidays
  17. Newsletter Stabilization Fund
  18. Newsletter abond4.me
  19. Newsletter Thunderclap
  20. Newsletter BTCAlldayallday
  21. Newsletter Suppliers
  22. Newsletter The Peace Revolution
  23. Newsletter Fork
  24. Newsletter Convenience and Savings
  25. Newsletter Scammouflage
  26. Newsletter Lend, Engage, Persist, Publish
  27. Newsletter Joseph Bennett
  28. Newsletter WoC
  29. Newsletter Notes on Justice
  30. Newsletter Opheus
  31. Newsletter My First Correction
  32. Newsletter Crowdsourcing
  33. Newsletter Crowdsourcing (copy 01)
  34. Newsletter Bitfinex
  35. Newsletter Bitcoin Sale
  36. Newsletter Think Tank
  37. Newsletter 2016 Plans
  38. Newsletter 2017 Plans
  39. Newsletter Gov Attack
  40. Newsletter Unclear Law
  41. Newsletter Kickstarter 1
  42. Newsletter Landmark!
  43. Newsletter Bitrated
  44. Newsletter Trace Mayer
  45. Newsletter Trace Mayer with Link
  46. Newsletter CHOSE 1
  47. Newsletter Contributions
  48. Newsletter Contributions (copy 01)
  49. Newsletter Complete Archive
  50. Newsletter Chocolate 
  51. Newsletter Bitcoin is Many Doors
  52. Newsletter Beware of Legalese
  53. Newsletter I'll be out for a week
  54. Newsletter Converting Victimization - I was robbed last night.
  55. Newsletter ByeBye CBM Trades
  56. Cash by Mail Elsewhere 
  57. ⚡Lightning Network⚡ 
  58. What's BitcoinHEX?
  59. Is BitcoinHEX a Scam? 
  60. Remember When Dave Used to Write? 
  61. Start Your Vacation Now! 
  62. Forbidden Apples available from Bitchute. 
  63. How I've Been, and Why
  64. Jackalope, Anyone?
  65. I Have Crypto!
  66. Proof of Keys and Other Important Things
  67. Dealing with Volatility
  68. Why does "Listen" start with "List"?
  69. Jackalope! It's a freedom festival. I'll be there.
  70. Beware of Dog!
  71. Naked Shorting, Savings, and Balance
  72. Hiatus
  73. Hope for the Future

Thanks to my friend Candy for showing me that the Mailchimp Archive link does NOT provide a full archive.  I submitted feedback to Mailchimp about this, so hopefully they will fix it soon.  Meanwhile, I constructed the list above by logging into Mailchimp and copying the "page source" of my "Campaigns" page after I clicked the "Load More" button to make sure all my campaigns were listed.  I used a text editor to remove all the lines that didn't contain this:
id="dijit_form_CheckBox_{X}" value="{HEX}"
... where {X} is a number and {HEX} is a hexadecimal number.  My Regex in Textpad was:  
^.*[^0-9]([0-9]+" value="[0-9a-f]+").*$
Next, I copied those lines into Excel and turned them into links with an Excel formula that I've lost. If you'd like help getting the titles for your own archive, leave a reply and I'll see what I can do. I hope these instructions help others who followed the same rabbit hole trying to find a complete list of archived newsletters on Mailchimp's site.