Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Potential Interests: Now it's Your Turn

Following is a list of things about which I would enjoy writing.  You might enjoy reading about some of them, and we would be a match.  If you let me know about that, then I'll have that much more motivation to write about them.  I'll probably write about them all eventually anyway, but the underlying list (in my mind) will grow whether or not I edit this post, and probably faster than I can write, and someday I'll be dead (probably).  Thus, your input might be the difference between something you want coming into existence and it dying on the curve of procrastination.
  1. What do I mean "probably"?  Everybody dies, eventually!
  2. The Global Consensus Clock, which is a way that you can prove something must have happened between two specific timestamps.  My conception of it uses an analog clock with pretty colors and synthesized bird chirps, along with blockchain technology.
  3. How I floss my teeth (oh wait, that's already at Everything2.com if that site still exists).
  4. Some sort of index to other stuff I've written that is still available on the Internet.
  5. The power of being vulnerable.
  6. "Striping" which is how I think of the process of homeostasis, or the constant back and forth across the "right" values for everything.
  7. Chapter Two of my book and the conversation I just had with my daughter about it, since the characters in it are based on real people.
  8. Other chapters of my book.  You have some influence over how it goes. It is, after all, an exploration of the human condition and I'm only one of us. I already plan to release a chapter each week on Sunday.  This will help me stay ahead of the procrastination curve on which lots of great endeavors find their death.
  9. The value of butt dials.  No, not dials on your buttox, but rather accidental mobile phone connections.  Yes, I see value in them.  ... (Sometimes I hear thoughts from the future).  Ok, then just ask and let everyone know that it was your thought I heard and I'll explain :-).
  10. All the meaning that "Cancer" has for me.  I do have a very (VERY!) mild form of cancer, according to the medical industry, but don't use that as an excuse to be sad (see the first item in this list).
  11. My "Landmark" years.
  12. My THC weeks.
  13. What I think George Price (who studied altruism and also committed suicide) missed.
  14. Being an autodidact.
  15. What Voluntaryism is, in preparation to give a speech on it.
  16. How we handle the failure of cooperation and how I think that should change.
  17. Bitcoin and how it affects the world.
  18. Crowdsourcing a magic spell, which is my latest description of my vision for memeracing, my site that redistributes bitcoin among people willing to propose and identify tiny pieces of high quality writing.
  19. Ask Me Anything - a post that will never exist until there is enough curiosity among my readers to provide at least one (but hopefully a few!) questions that I'd like to answer.
  20. Some pointers on how to become more humble, and the benefits of humility.
I just changed that list from bullets to numbers so that you can refer to the items in it more easily.

At this point, I usually go through and add links, but today, I'm hoping you'll do some writing (in the comments below) instead of more reading.  I don't know what the ideal ratio of input to output is, but I'm pretty sure that with this 30-day challenge, I'm way over-weighted on the output side, especially with people who are interested in the persistence of my existence.

A friend told me yesterday that the Principia Discordia indicates that the answer isn't 42, but rather 23.  I haven't read it, so if it's important to you, I recommend that you go find out for yourself :-).

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