Sunday, January 11, 2015

Hacker Tracker

Transactions out of the "Bitstamp Hack" address into addresses that had never been used before:
1EtH88P5feywPJE1nyrjggd41JeCuEeKNi and 1Fze2Qx6Covm7jnC4ffCD9Lsst2sD7CaqE
16FEx2PYFwo9i38vyXktwYEfPiyQN6JpMW and 1K4wcA9fB9e3f68kuWFLm4uPq1VqBYxTpg

I did those three by hand.  This could be automated so that anyone can see (and could tag) those addresses for which the very first coins they get are from a known tagged address.  I did them so that I could use this page to tag them as "Bitcoin Hack Mixer" addresses.  Seemed like fun at the time.  It would be neat to see this automated.