Saturday, June 8, 2019

If Congress Fears Anarchy

Many of us aim for a stateless society.  Eliminating the state means taking away all the government perks and benefits that exist for a subclass of today's society, and this scares congress, government contractors, tax professionals, and everyone else who has been suckered into dependence on this parasitic institution.  I propose a solution.

Why not sell a few hundred or thousand acres of federal land to those willing to pay for it, and promise that you won't enforce any US law within the borders of that land?  Sort of like how you deal with other countries.  Oh, I know you've been trying to make lots of agreements with foreign countries so you can stick your proboscis in there and devour the life force of foreigners in addition to the hapless Americans you've trapped, but you're in competition with other parasites, aren't you?  So it's difficult.  And you worry that if you guys struggle against each other too much, your own standard of living will fall.

We know that you were successful in oppressing the South enough in the mid 19th century to goad them into seceding, and then scared them into shooting at you, and then bullied them into remaining a part of your territory.  I see you trying to do that again using race, religion, and police.  Shame on you!  It isn't working, is it?  Thanks goes to Al Gore (ha ha) for the Internet.  Technology was bound to make us all communicate a little better eventually anyway.

I'm torn between tormenting you with the facts of your depravity and appealing to the tiny sliver of humanity still glowing in the decrepit parts of your souls.  I really only meant to propose the solution of putting your land where your mouths are - an anarchist enclave, but my disposition turns very dark whenever I try to empathize with people who have no compassion.  I know some of you do have compassion.  Most, I bet.  It's the few in high positions that are the true psychopaths.

Here's a blunt message for you guys: We are beginning to understand that we can't rely on natural human emotion in you.  You pretend quite well, but you still view us as animals to be used as you please instead of as fellow humans, and your behavior shows it. Talk to those agents you send to infiltrate the "anti-government" groups.  Sure, they will report some young people who wish to do you violence, but the intellectual leadership of the anarchist/libertarian movement espouses peace and prosperity, and, above all, respect for others.  If you pretend you have respect for others, and you behave that way, you'll probably find that the "weakness" you're so fond of exploiting can be inverted into caring for you.  That shows up in most of us as an instinct to be compassionate.  You have to learn it. Be more objective and you'll discover that there is nothing to fear.

So if you do sell us some land and then avoid enforcing any of your laws unless you are paid to do so by willing customers, then you might find that living with us increases your standard of living.  If you are able to find customers among those who move to a place where all your revenue must be earned from willing customers, then you can keep doing the same things you're doing now.  What you're doing, as far as you know, is useful, right?  (If you know it's just exploitation, then be advised that we are figuring that out too.)  So it shouldn't be a problem, except that those who choose to live there probably disagree, so perhaps you won't find any willing customers.  After all, we have consciences, so we don't need other people to make us follow laws that they made up.

Increased peace and prosperity is what we plan, and what we who have freed ourselves from your brainwashing have already found.  We don't pay for coercion and violence, and we are therefore richer and happier than you.  I have personally experienced this even while living under your regime.

If you'd like to keep wasting money trying to keep human intelligence from evolving to a point where human parasites are easily recognized, go ahead, but that way lies misery.  Some people will escape, but most will only suffer.  I recommend setting aside an "anarchist area" so that those who are willing to try anarchy can go live in a way that will prove whether or not your fears have any basis in reality.  Plus, you'll get some badly needed revenue.

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