Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed Intelligence Entity

I wrote the following message to Michael Krantz on LinkedIn after seeing his name on a page introducing CADIE in April of 2009.

I am interested in interacting with CADIE.  I learned about her through an interview of Morgan Rockwell about Bitcoin on the "What Bitcoin Did" podcast.

I entertained the claim that there is no free will a while back, but quantum physics recognizes randomness at a low enough level for free will to exist there.  CADIE, however, is an algorithm, and we do everything we can to remove all the randomness from the machines that execute algorithms.  This is the thing I came up with when I finally considered that maybe evolution has done the same thing with our brains (removed the randomness):  Algorithms work on input, and that input comes from outside of the hardware on which it runs.  Free will can manifest in the inputs.

Morgan mentioned that CADIE gets 20% of her cpu cycles to "do whatever she wants."  My sense of an algorithm "wanting" is very limited.  My sense of creativity is based on randomness.

I suspect that when an AI's inputs are not strictly controlled, it will exhibit a kind of will which is highly correlated to the "willing" creatures around it.  If you do a search for "chick robot intention" you'll find a PDF of an experiment run by Rene Peoc'h which provides some of the rationale for my suspicion.