Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Most of the Words

... we hear and read until we're about 20 - 25 years old are manipulative.  The system through which we get the most words was designed between 1800 and 1910 by the leaders of the country of Prussia, most of which turned into Germany in 1947 (yes, after WWII!!).  The idea was to get children to believe that teachers know stuff and if the children simply believe it, then they will be successful.  I think you're reading or listening to this because you also recognize that blind faith is dangerous.  So thanks!

Is it any wonder that so many people nowadays don't bother listening to or reading stuff to learn things?  It is a sad state of affairs that this strategy of the Prussian ruling class developed over 200 years ago is now hampering us so viciously.  I think that with your help and the cooperation of others, there are a lot of things we can improve together.

I think many people consider things not to be too horrible. I hope you join me in seeing the vast potential of humanity which I think they might be ignoring. I noticed it near the turn of the century when I recognized the potential of the connectedness that the Internet offers us.  That realization inspired me to create litmocracy.com.  It continues inspiring me, and inspired me to share an idea I created a few months ago on Kickstarter. Seven people gave me $500 to implement that idea.

This blog post was inspired by my brother, Lee, who read enough of the voluntaryist website and my description of efforts on my idea to get where I'm coming from. He suggested that my goals may be furthered by writing editorials.  We discussed this and he proposed that I write comments on facebook and other social media.  I explained that I do that all the time already, but his point is useful and, as you're reading or hearing right now, inspiring.

Thanks, Bro!
The idea I created a few months ago is a documentary that explains that the United States tax law, as it is written, is being violated on a regular basis by the government agency responsible for implementing it, the IRS.  It will ultimately be a documentary about me and others like me who learned about the law, interpreted it for ourselves, and in many cases requested guidance about it from the IRS.  We only got misdirection and deceit, and concluded that our understanding that we didn't actually owe the tax was correct.  Many of us have been financially harmed by the viciousness with which the agency defends what appears to be fraud.  But there is hope.  That is why the documentary is being made.

It's something I invented as part of a program that teaches leadership through experiential learning, mostly about relating to other human beings.  Through the Kickstarter project, those seven people inspired me to create a movement I call Cooperative Humanity's Ongoing Social Efforts. At that link, you'll find the bigger thing that is really what my life is all about: replacing the strategy of fear and punishment with one based on respect and cooperation.

I invite you to help me get us out of the messes in which we find ourselves today.  Thanks to everyone who will help each other and everyone else regain our appreciation for the words of others, whether spoken or written.  If you accept my invitation and want me to know, feel free to leave a comment, and thanks again!

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