Wednesday, May 3, 2017

A Story I want to Write.

In 2162, humans have evolved a little bit and become capable of very powerful self-defense.  The capability can also be used offensively, but that is extremely dangerous because the tech that enables it contains traces of the identity of the person who used it.

The capability is to drain someone of the motivation to live by looking at them and concentrating and ultimately being able to stop their heart without them caring.  The tech that enables this is everywhere (cellular technology, perhaps by 2162, cellular will leverage brainwaves), so the person who wishes to drain another of the motivation to live doesn't even need a cell phone as long as someone in the vicinity has one.

In the spirit of Edward Bellamy's "Looking Backward" and Beth Cody's repeat of the idea, my story would contain a person from our time who for whatever reason (cryogenics?) is around in 2162.  He has questions and finds answers, and those answers are from me, for my audience, as a possible future I see.

Some issues addressed in my story will be:
  1. Why isn't everyone dead, since it so easy to kill someone?
  2. Wouldn't psychopaths have a field day and ruin everything?

This fiction writing exercise will be part of a long term effort on my part to supplement Beth's book with an alternative view that concentrates more on telling a story rather than explaining things, as hers does.  I wanted to write it down so I don't forget to do it.  Your encouragement and ideas are welcome!

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