Friday, July 8, 2022

Dear "Authorities"

Your "authority" is fake.  Real authority doesn't come from pretending you can make decisions about reality, or forcing people to behave in certain ways.  It comes from understanding reality, and helping others understand it too, and thanking them for any corrections they offer regarding your representation of how reality works.  It's unfortunate for all of us that you confused reality with your dream world where everyone acts according to your rules.  It's time to stop.


Admit that nearly everyone will handle their lives better if you stop threatening them.  Perhaps they need guidance and healing, and limits to what they can expect from you and others.  We all need that, and we all provide it to others.  Please consider joining us.  Your power is an infection in the minds of the masses, perhaps a "mass formation psychosis," and the best way for us all to heal from it is for you to let it go and find your way to some faith in other people.

We all come from long lines of ancestors who were successful enough to survive and breed, and evolution got rid of most of the poorer designs along the way.  Conscience and consciousness, when respected instead of threatened, comprise the best way forward, however successfully you have hidden them, but you, with your fake authority and pretense to excellence, are in a great position to show us, simply by abdicating.

Lead by good example, or set a shitty example by ruling.  It's your choice, and I recommend the former.  In your case, that starts with abdication.

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