Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Some evidence of Norton's link to the NSA

A question on Norton's website asks "Is Norton/Symantec doing NSA things??".  The thread is locked so that no one can contribute an answer.  The question points to another issue in which the same question is posed.  One of the answers to the new question (asked because the earlier version was also locked) points out that threads get locked automatically when there is no activity for a while.  This seems reasonable.  The last reply to the new version of the question was made over six months ago in November of 2014 and it has been locked.

I had the same question, so I was using Google to search Norton NSA and found this other post, also on Norton's community forum.  It is not locked, and it's last reply is from over 18 months ago.  How old does the activity have to be for the thread to get locked?

The second "Is Norton/Symantec doing NSA things??" thread was locked when its last activity was at least eight months younger than the last activity of the still-not-locked "NSA's Malware Methods Outed in Latest Leak" thread. The replies from SendOfJive and Nikhil_CV in no way deny that Norton is "doing NSA things". To me, this strongly suggests that Norton/Symantec is doing NSA things.

It may be the case that the Rootkit found by orangedog using Avast! was just enough of Norton's legitimate "debris Norton files," to trigger a false detection, but if they put it there, why can't they remove it?  Has Norton mentioned any efforts it is making to clean up the mess it makes when it gets uninstalled so that other security software doesn't get false alarms?  Why are the threads locked?

My strategy for dealing with all the spying is to assume that they are collecting what I write.  This causes me to hide significant portions of myself, making myself far less knowable to them than they want.  This is apparently tolerable to them, for they wish to control me and don't realize that what they lose by snooping is worth far more than what they gain by it.  Some clue in, switch sides, and have started helping the cause of liberty.  If you're one of them, well done!

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