Friday, October 31, 2014

Dear NSA Spies

An open letter to the guys monitoring my Internet transmissions:

Hi guys,

I heard in episode 085 of the Peace Revolution Podcast that one of your goals is to slow things down so you have more time to analyze (and maybe control) the data flow.

I understand that my efforts to educate people about the true nature of the income tax could lead to a decrease in what you earn by doing your jobs, since the federal government will have less revenue.  I've been thinking about this.  I think you are probably good guys with an interest in helping to make the world a better place.  This is laudable, and I am glad you're out there working on this effort.

If you have time, listen to some of the podcasts put out by Peace Revolution in the past, like the Whistleblower one, or even the current episode 085.  You will probably be kind of pissed off at the system that employs you because of some of the things it does.  For example, if I remember correctly, both the CIA and the FBI have hired agents to seek out potential terrorists and encourage them to get involved in terrorist plots.  The success of these efforts is measured by increased authorization for FBI and CIA power and increases in their budgets.  Pretty sick, right?  Unbelievable, you might think.  So go research it.  See what you can find on Bill Binney, Tom Drake, Richard Grove, and others.  Sibel Edmonds is another good name - she has a website,

If you haven't had the stomach for Hendrickson's site, give it another try.  He recognizes the long term damage that the US government's increased financial power is doing to the human race.  Isn't that the kind of stuff you'd rather prevent than encourage?

If none of this interests you, at least put a little more effort into analyzing what I write.  It should be pretty clear that my success will lead to the kind of world most people want.  While it's true that I am trying to starve your employer of funds, a lot of my writing and appeals are about replacing suffering with joy.  If you haven't seen it yet, I just made this my Skype status: "Tolerance and Privacy are slowly squeezing coercion out of human interaction. Think about it, encourage it, and promote it."

The idea behind that new Skype status is that coercive authorities, when they do things people don't like, are nearly always trying to alleviate a problem that their friends or employers do not wish to tolerate.  Big Pharma, for example, knows that many of its products can easily be replaced with pot.  Look into Dr. Burzynski, and see that the FDA is actually causing a lot of cancer to remain ineffectively treated with chemo while a much better treatment is available, apparently because the chemo manufacturers do not wish to tolerate competition from this individual researcher.

But it's not just pot.  Every company connected up to Washington with lobbyists enjoys the benefit of using coercion against those who would compete with it.  That is the raison d'etre of those lobbyists.  Government is coercion, essentially, and it survives as the monopoly on publicly accepted coercion, useful to those who don't see clearly enough that coercion always increases suffering, generally more than it helps.

If you would start respecting my privacy, then I could work faster.  If you join the private sector with your skills and knowledge, the liberty movement could work faster.  Leave a trail of breadcrumbs for the newbies who replace you when you leave so that they, too, can convert to the side of peace and freedom.


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