Sunday, March 28, 2010

Deep-Soul Knowing

"Deep-soul Knowing"

This is a term Alice Sebold attributes to her dead heroine's father in reference to the identity of her killer, George Harvey.  I believe this kind of knowing is the root cause of many horrible things, such as the Crusades, gay-bashing, the KKK, cults, and terrorism.  I think about half of what is known by humans in the "deep-soul" knowing kind of way is simply not true, and her support of the concept disturbs me.

However, it only disturbs me as much as her portrayal of the dead among us, which most will agree is something that cannot be known.  I am more open to that possibility than I am to the possibility that a person who feels "deep-soul knowledge" has a better grasp on reality than one who merely suspects an assertion's truth or is "quite certain" of it.

In fact, I think peace and goodwill are generally furthered by the idea that the dead may be among us, while "deep-soul knowing" generally diminishes them.  Will you join me in encouraging the kind of skepticism that would have made Mr. Salmon's efforts with Len Fenerman blossom into justice, instead of requiring the use of just an icicle to give us closure on the case?

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