Saturday, October 20, 2007

How many blogs do you have?

I lost count.

Should I post each thing I have to say to each of my blog accounts? Or should I carefully decide which blog account is best for each post I make? I am here to fight information overload by allowing people with similar tastes to help eliminate things from each other's awareness before they waste more time. How do I do this? Check out my website to find out. If you're interested.

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StarLizard said...

Litmocracy rocks. I've checked the website. I've written on it. I've read all of the wonderful submissions. I'm now part of its extended and wonderful family.

Yes, you should post here about Litmocracy. About specifically what it's all about, and what it does to people. Screw the other blogs. This one deserves all your posts.

Just sayin' :)