Friday, October 10, 2014

Some Neologisms

I have some definitions for which I think we need new words.  If you have a better idea for a new word to fit one of these, please leave a comment.

Pugger, n.: A person who wields authority through coercion, a member of a government.  Etymology: Cross between Pig and Thug and Mugger.

Fatalink, ("fatal ink") n.: An element in a concept, idea, or story that so destroys the purity it would otherwise have that its value is opposite in nature.  Etymology: Compressed version of "fatal tincture," connoting a deadly concentrated poison buried within otherwise healthy food.

These new words were inspired by episode 308 of the SchoolSucks Podcast in which Brett talks to Tony Myers, the two of them applying the "Trivium Method" of learning anything by yourself.  The Trivium Method has three steps, the first of which is to define your terms.  If you use terms that are already in popular usage, you are in danger of falling into the traps set by those who would control you.  For example, the popular idea of "anarchy" is chaos and disorder, largely because that is how the term has been used by the public education system and the mainstream media, probably through the propaganda of puggers.

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