Friday, September 27, 2019

Jackson Roland (likely not his real name), Scammer

Jackson's number, from the screenshots "Ben" sent me, is +1 281-884-9759, if you would like to offer him some advice.

Jackson: Hello (4:01 AM)
Ben: Hi (4:02 AM)
Jackson: How're you? (4:02 AM)
Ben: Good (4:02 AM)
Ben: What can I do for you?
Jackson: Can we chat for a while? (4:03 AM)
Ben: About what? (4:04 AM)
Jackson: Where are you chatting from? (4:04 AM)
Ben: I'm in the US (4:05 AM)
Jackson: Wow (4:06 AM)
Jackson: Am from northern Texas but I live in Romania (4:07 AM)
Ben: Cool (4:07 AM)
Jackson: Do you know Bitcoin? (4:09 AM)
Ben: Yes (4:09 AM)
Jackson: Am new in bitcoin (4:10 AM)
Ben: Nice (4:10 AM)
Ben: There's a lot to learn (4:10 AM)
Jackson: Yes but I do earn more than a thousand dollar on my wallet within 24hrs (4:12 AM)
Jackson: Have invested in bitcoin before? (4:15 AM)
Ben: No. I haven't (4:15 AM)
Jackson: I have a legit place were you can trade your btc and get back your profit within 24hrs (416 AM)
Ben: Really? How? (4:16 AM)
Jackson: Do you know an investor called Stanley woods he live in Ohio ? (4:18 AM)
Ben: No (4:18 AM)
Jackson: I can give you his private whatsapp line for you to invest and earn like me (4:20 AM)
Ben: I don't use WhatsApp (4:21 AM)
Jackson: Hmm okay I will help you talk to Mr Stanley woods if you are interested to invest? (4:22 AM)
Ben: Yes sure (4:23 AM)
Jackson: Okay so how much do you want to invest in btc (4:23 AM)
Ben: I don't know (4:24 AM)
Ben: How much do people usually invest? (4:24 AM)
Jackson: I depends on the profit (4:25 AM)
Jackson: Like today I invested 200$ (4:25 AM)
Ben: How much will $200 get me in profit? (4:26 AM)
Jackson: As you are a new member your profit will be 500$ (4:28 AM)
Ben: WOW (4:28 AM)
Ben: amazing (4:28 AM)
Ben: What if I invest more? (4:28 AM)
Ben: I have like 0.4 bitcoin (4:29 AM)
Jackson: It depends on the profit you want (4:31 AM)
Jackson: So how do you like to start up with? (4:32 AM)
Ben: I wanna invest 0.4 bitcoin (4:32 AM)
Ben: That's like $4000+ (4:32 AM)
Ben: Where do I sign up? (4:32 AM)
Jackson: Okay wait (4:33 AM)
Ben: Ok (4:34 AM)

Jackson: I have talk to him (4:55 AM)
Ben: Ok (4:55 AM)
Jackson: +14044654298 That's the manager number on telegram (4:58 AM)
Jackson: Massage him directly on telegram now so he can provide all the details you required for investment ok (4:58 AM)
Ben: Ok cool (4:59 AM)
Ben: Why can't you do the investment for me? (4:59 AM)
Ben: Do you work with him? (4:59 AM)
Jackson: Yeah (5:03 AM)
Ben: Ok then. Just let me work with you (5:03 AM)
Jackson: Okay (5:09 AM)
Ben: So how long is the investment before pay out? (5:09 AM)
Jackson: 24hrs (5:11 AM)
That's the company website I invested with ok (5:11 AM)
Ben: Ok I'm ready to invest. How do I do this? (5:11 AM)
Jackson: Create an account (5:12 AM)
Ben: Ok (5:13 AM)
Jackson: Signup and send me your username of your account registration So I can notify the manager for you, since you don't want to make him directly ok (5:14 AM)
Ben: Ok thanks (5:15 AM)
Jackson: Once you are done in sign up the account let me know (5:15 AM)
Ben: Done (5:26 AM)
Ben: Username: real_satoshi (5:27 AM)
Jackson: I will tell the manager to send his company wallet address so you can make your deposit (5:31 AM)
Jackson: Okay (5:31 AM)
Ben: Cool (5:31 AM)
Ben: Can you guys do me a favor first to make sure you guys are legit? (5:31 AM)
Jackson: We are legit we you have seen our website (5:32 AM)
Ben: Ima give you my bitcoin address and send me a small amount 50 cent or $1 (5:32 AM)
Ben: Just to make sure this legit (5:32 AM)
Jackson: We don't joke with our customer investment you can trust on us (5:35 AM)
Jackson: 14cpVR9YL9nKngsVSVByE9sjh5tmB4UoAF (5:35 AM)
Ben: This is my bitcoin address: bc1qv7sdkw9n3327gcd8wy8d3r37ng3ex45g 5s894tf9syppsxthgvvqeum4sa (5:35 AM)
Jackson: That's the company wallet address make your deposit and send me screenshots payment so I can send it to the manager now ok (5:36 AM)
Ben: Just make a small amount transaction so I can be at ease (5:36 AM)
Jackson: I don't get you (5:36 AM)
Ben: Send me 50 cent or $1 transaction to make sure you're legit (5:36 AM)
Ben: I will send back with my investment
Jackson: Okay the company will do so (5:38 AM)
Jackson: Send your wallet address (5:38 AM)
Ben: bc1qv7sdkw9n3327gcd8wy8d3r37ng3ex45g5s894tf9syppsxthgvvqeum4sa (5:39 AM)
Jackson: Okay wait (5:39 AM)
Ben: Ok  (5:39 AM)
Jackson: Just wait you will receive it (5:40 AM)
Ben: Ok  (5:39 AM)
Jackson: Invalid Bitcoin address (5:41 AM)
Jackson: Send your real bitcoin address 5-(42 AM)
Ben: Ok try this (5:43 AM)
Ben: 1DvdeyLJrRux747JKfHSZaDhrMSfouBAdj (5:44 AM)
Jackson: Wait (5:44 AM)
Ben: Ok  (5:44 AM)
Jackson: Sent (5:47 AM)
Ben: Awesome (5:47 AM)
Ben: Haven't got the notification yet (5:47 AM)
Ben: Just got it (5:47 AM)
Ben: Thank you (5:47 AM)
Jackson: Alright (5:48 AM)
Ben: Now go fuck yourself, you filthy scammer (5:48 AM)
Ben: Get a job and stop scamming people (6:01 AM)
Jackson: I am not a scammer (6:06 AM)
Ben: Stop it. Yes you are (6:06 AM)
Ben: And a stupid one too (6:06 AM)
Jackson: I swear I am not (6:06 AM)
Jackson: I Showed you a legit place to trade your btc edited (6:08 AM)
Jackson: Why me. (6:09 AM)

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