Monday, February 20, 2017

The Social Order Maintenance Enterprise Documentaries

The first documentary was designed in the "Self Expression and Leadership Program of Landmark Worldwide by me, Dave Scotese, as a participant in the program.
Please note that this post is being kept for historical purposes.  Newer posts in this blog reflect how the project has changed from this original conception.

The documentary is currently collecting videos of people who are interested in one or more of the questions listed by the We The People Foundation.  In these videos, folks explain their interest in the questions they would most like to see answered and what they found out if and when they sought answers.  These videos are being stitched together to paint a picture of a desperate situation for which the best remedy is greater awareness.

You are invited to check out the questions and the story behind them.  If you choose to make a video, I thank you!  Please reply with a comment to let me know about it.  Hopefully, this project generates more videos than I can handle and some of those who read this will be interested in helping to identify the best ones.

The most important piece of this project right now is determining what the budget should be so that I can start another Kickstarter project. 

I am creating a project on Kickstarter that is intended to pay for the people who will identify interested experts required to create this documentary.  The full amount raised will most likely not all be needed to find a good team, so anything leftover will be rolled into the project that will attempt to raise the budget once it has been set.

If you know someone with expertise that may be used in the creation and/or marketing of a documentary, some of the money raised in the initial project will be available to you.  Expertise that I don't have includes: budget creation, story editing, video editing, crowdfunding, marketing, and I'm sure lots of other stuff.

This is my promise to provide $10 worth of Bitcoin or otherwise pay you $10 (mail cash, Paypal, whatever) if I find value in your suggestion of someone who is interested in this project and capable of filling a role that I need filled.  I'd want myself or another partner to review their work and have a way to contact them, so if you can get me that info, please proceed.  A comment on this blog post will alert me if you have no other way to contact me.

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