Sunday, May 14, 2023

On how politics causes problems

There is a disconnect in my mind relative to "the controllers" and all of politics.  Despite the apparent lack of morals and good sense among those who legislate, they have become less physically destructive.  You may notice that most of the damage done by foolish legislation and all other forms of political control comes into existence at a very local level.  The people on the bottom of the government (teachers and police) create most of it just by "doing their job" and it isn't all that much damage.  FEAR is the thing that keeps most people down, and their efforts (legislation, media manipulation) are intended to maintain the fear, because it has become (and will continue to become) harder and harder to actually damage people for our defiance.  That is the natural course.  The disconnect is that we are afraid of being reprimanded and represented as "bad people" for ignoring stupid rules because "we are a nation ruled by laws" as the story goes.  It seems to me we are a species ruled by conscience, but we ignore it too much, just as school taught us to.  School teaches that as along as you obey, you are a good person.  It doesn't explicitly say "obey US," but that is what the activity there shows their instruction to mean.  Obedience is fine, but only obedience to that which is a justified ruler, and there is only one thing that fits the role once you come of age: your conscience. When our species learns that fear of reprimand and reputational damage from defiance of law is a potent source of evil, politics won't matter any more.  Let's stop blaming politicians for telling us what to do when we do it and then suffer.  It's our job to consider their demands before yielding to them, and to ignore them when that is the better course.

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