Thursday, April 6, 2023

Dream Log, 4/6/2023: Why We Don't Feel Our Oneness

This morning, near the end my two day fast (46.5 hours, but during the 8 hours before it started, I had only about a half a cup of OJ), I had a dream. I woke up ready to interpret it for myself, but it disappeared from my memory before I could think about it much. Instinct said it was ok, because I already learned it and I didn't need to worry about it. I felt a little anger, but trust! Then I started thinking about something else and the feeling that this is what I learned is very strong:

1) Vishnu is the awareness in the universe, capable of self-deception, but incapable of making something lasting (what we call "reality") with it.
2) Dreams come to us because we have self-deception and whatever it creates can only be in the imagination.
3) When we dream without self deception, we call it manifestation because it results in reality being created.
4) The "separate" or isolated individual exists intentionally in order to provide more than one perspective because the self is capable of deception and the other is capable of seeing it.
5) (This is the one I thought of after waking up) When a thought process leads to the conclusion and motivation to take action that affects another (another perspective), there are two things that might go wrong:
5A) The one using the thought process might be suffering from self-deception.
5B) The affected other(s) might not be capable of understanding the thought process.

One solution to this problem is to ensure that those affected by the taken action (understand and) agree with the thought process. This is the foundation of democracy, but since democracy imposes the action on the "no more than half" of the people, it is about half good and half evil. 5B prevents this solution and leaves the only other solution (which many of us often feel) and that is the desire of the affected other(s) being contrary to the action.

The simple answer to "Why did I have a dream that I can't remember?" is: It's important to avoid imposing yourself on others (including cats, our cats tell me psychically) unless you're nearly 100% sure that you aren't deceiving yourself.

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